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Qualifying Exam Response 1: Research Methods

As a PhD student in Engineering Education, I recently had to take my qualifying exams. What this basically is, is a 10.5 days long written exam on three questions. One of the questions was on critiquing an existing journal article’s Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Death Penalties

I woke up one morning, the last week, to Facebook overflowing with comments smitten with rage and fury over Asha Mirje’s take on rape cases. What shocked my fellow Facebook-feed refreshers, enough to go on a share-click-like rampage was that Mirje’s opinions resonated a vibe of not only suppressing freedom but also assumed a defensive tone on […] Continue reading

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Sustainability videos

This week, for my Sustainable Energy class, I watched a few TED videos. Each video, gave me something to think about and reflect upon. The videos provided me with more point of views and different approaches to the same issue of energy and sustainable living. In the following paragraphs, I provide a brief biography of […] Continue reading

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Deepawali- A hokie’s take on the Indian festival of lights

Diwali or more correctly Deepawali literally means ‘row of lamps’  and one has to witness it to understand that the most lingering image of diwali is the magnificent array of  lights that lines up the streets. Each and every Hindu household cleans their respective premises and decorate it with flowers and colorful ‘Rangolis’ during the days and […] Continue reading

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Diwali- A celebration of Lights

As the colors and lights sparkle up newer dreams, As the sweet taste lingers on the palette long after the confectionery, The heart beats in joyous exhilaration, for the festival of joy and mirth and color and lights is upon us…  The festival of lights is one that lights up the entire Indian subcontinent, this […] Continue reading

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Energy Envisions

“As parents, we wish to leave our planet in a good shape for the benefit of future generations. As scientists, we do have the duty to contribute to the discussion on the impending energy crisis. As chemists, we can help improving energy technologies and, hopefully, finding scientific breakthroughs capable of solving the energy problem at […] Continue reading

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An insight into my classrooms- My teaching philosophy

Teaching is an art. And like all art forms, each artist likes to approach the discipline in his/her unique way. In my opinion, teaching involves amalgamation of interaction, inspiration, creativity, time management and passion within a timeframe; and emerging out of each anecdote as having being able to introduce to an individual, a concept, in […] Continue reading

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“Criticism? uh-huh!” “Constructive? Erm…”

So, while talking about course feedbacks and the like, in the last class for this semester, I was reminded of what criticism felt like, for the short time, while I was working at a software development firm. No. It was not anonymous. Yes. It was blunt. Yes. It was blatant. No. It was not constructive. […] Continue reading

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Of job-hunts, majors and calling…

The body was a modified ice-cream tub, the blades were borrowed from my dad’s cabinet, and the motor was a simple battery operated device, a treasure that I owned. I used these to make my first working model, a mini-blender, for my doll house. A nidus was planted, which over the next decade took a concrete […] Continue reading

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Hoping to be a Future ”Professor-iette”

Here’s a tag cloud-esque view of my visions of being a future faculty member at a university. Continue reading

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