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Something Funny about School (Part 1)

In the last “adult” class of the semester the reading du jour was Scott McCloud’s “Time Frames”, a comic about comics. Specifically, how the passage of time, including motion, are depicted in the medium. The discussion that started as we … Continue reading Continue reading

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How will we build a Third System of education?

I have recently been reading about, as Mike Gancarz puts it in Linux and the Unix Philosophy, “The Three Systems of Man”. This is, to my understanding, a fairly well documented and often-observed concept in software design, possibly first referenced … Continue reading Continue reading

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I am a Selfish Git: A bit on my teaching philosophy

A common observation I encounter from people who have taken my class is that there is less structure in the assignments than they are used to, and oftentimes less than they would like. A consequence of this is that participants … Continue reading Continue reading

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The terms talented and gifted have been used interchangeably in literature to describe a wide range of exceptional performance.  Talent is often considered to be a specialized ability, a high level of competence in a particular domain while the term giftedness has generally been equated with a high IQ score.  The three necessary elements proposed […] Continue reading

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What kind of a student are you producing?

My group and I were discussing some reading from our contemporary pedagogy class. We had read a chapter on Wiemer on the role of a teacher, Michael Wesch’s article on anti-teaching, and his video on rethinking education – so you can imagine the dialogue we were having. I confessed to my group that I had […] Continue reading

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Parkour and how we learn

Thought 1:  Intrigued by the video we watched in GEDI, I asked my wife when I got home on Wednesday night if she knew about “parkour.”  Getting a negative reply, I explained the sport based on my brief exposure to … Continue reading Continue reading

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“And in examining their actions and their lives, it will be seen that they received nothing from Fortune but opportunity…and that without that opportunity the strength of their sprit would have been extinguished, and that without strength the opportunity would … Continue reading Continue reading

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