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change and leadership

When the word leadership comes to mind what do you think of?  When the word change comes to mind what do you think of?  If you think long enough about leadership and change you will find that they are interconnected.  Many of America’s great leaders are identified as such because they lead us through great […] Continue reading

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wikinomics and leadership

What Last week in class we discussed an article in the book Leading Organizations called “Wikinomics: The Art and Science of Peer Production.” Within this article they discuss the power of many and recent use of the public to generate answers. Wikipedia has pioneered this concept and harnessed the public as a source to provide […] Continue reading

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organizational change models

In my leading social change class we discussed the causal model for organizational performance and change by Burke and Litwin in 1992. Some of the key elements of this model are the open systems approach, the leadership components, and the transformational and transactions factors. At the epicenter of the model is work climate which is […] Continue reading

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Strengthen your Strengths, know your Weaknesses

I spent most of today at a leadership workshop hosted by Alpha Epsilon Lambda.  The theme of this year’s workshop was “emotional leadership” Some of the most important take-away points I think were: A leadership role does not equate a leadership … Continue reading Continue reading

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A Reflection and Questions Surrounding Women in Leadership

what Women in the workforce. Since the labor shortage in WWII women have entered the workforce which was supported by the rise in the feminist movement. Women were also encouraged to go to work because the cost of living was higher and working became a necessity for most families. In the early 1960s and 70s […] Continue reading

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Levels of change

What In our reading on Levels of Organizational Change by Burke, the author shares three levels of change, individual, group, and larger system, that must be reached before change can take place within an organization. It is noted that organizational change is far more complex than just these three levels, albeit limiting, the levels help […] Continue reading

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Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory

What  M.J. Kirton designed an instrument that measures an individuals adaptive and innovative nature.  The KAI feedback booklet explains that no one orientation is better or worse.  Also, an individuals score has no correlation to his or her intelligence level.  With that being said, I scored a 124 which highlights my innovative nature.  This score […] Continue reading

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The Self-Transcendence Search

by Christopher James Joseph Saccoccia Every day, as we walk down the street, glance away from the computer screen or people-watch at the mall, we witness people in need. Most of us see some sort of struggle in the person’s eyes, words or body language. Now the question becomes, will we help them? Many people […] Continue reading

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