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Interesting Resource for Research through VT Libraries

Hey All, While in a research course, we had an individual from the library to give us a little workshop on usage of library resources and I though that I would share this while its fresh in my head. Many of you may already know of this resource but if you’re like me and just […] Continue reading

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I got this link as apart of my GTA workshop on ethics and thought that these were very interesting to share. I hope it keeps us all mindful in our future professional engagements. 8 Astonishing Stats on Academic Cheating Every student will face down the temptation to cheat on an assignment in his or […] Continue reading

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I’ve already submitted two mission statements in the forums section in scholar, however I believe that this one has a greater impact than most and deserves to be blogged for full recognition as I had no idea that an institution of higher learning like this actually existed. I probably thought that it existed somewhere, however […] Continue reading

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It may be satire…

…but it also is perfectly relevant to the discussion we had in PFP about teaching evaluations:,20130/ and the last “quote” is especially relevant to the discussion in GEDI about teaching responsibilities: “Students and the enormous revenue they bring in to our institution … Continue reading Continue reading

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