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Move to the Dark Side

I have officially moved my blog away from to my own website:, which eventually will host not only my blog, but also my teaching philosophy, CV and other professional- related tidbits. I hope that everyone will follow me … Continue reading Continue reading

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10 Do’s and Don’ts of PhD Student

Hello All, I find this interesting article from [] providing the 10 do’s and don’ts of a PhD student. Found that this was interesting however it’s possible that considering #1, this should be reviewed prior to entering a PhD program.  I think I like #10 the best….what’s your favorite? ENJOY! Do think about whether […] Continue reading

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Higher Education Marketing: Leveraging the Holiday Rush

So, while thinking of the upcoming winter holiday, having celebrated the thanksgiving holiday, I thought to myself, what would be interesting regarding the holiday and higher education, so I enlisted the help of one of my closest friends “google” to assist in this search by typing “Holidays” + “Higher Education”. One of the first items […] Continue reading

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At one time or another we will have to make presentation either in our class, for presenting/defending our research etc. It’s always a good idea to follow some basic tips so that you can focus on getting the most from your audience and vice versa. Therefore, below are 10 tips to making good or as […] Continue reading

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Student Mentoring

In order to keep in line with topic seven, this post will serve to show various student mentoring programs in higher education. There is discussion that will show the importance of having a mentor for native students and even more so for international … Continue reading

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Corruption: A Key Challenge to Internationalization [OF HIGHER EDUCATION]

An interesting topic came up while looking through education on the international scale. There is a global campaign for higher education internationalization, and it is found that an overseas degree is increasingly valuable, however it has been plagued with a specter of corruption as private institutions finds this as a profitable venture and some of […] Continue reading

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Open Access

In light of open access week, I figure I will share a few videos that correlate to the theme, giving a little twist, I don’t know about you guys but am tired of reading, time for a break: What is open access? Benefits of Open Access Open Access 101 The Future of Open Access (If […] Continue reading

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Education in the Bahamas

In light of previous posts that discussed education in other countries, I felt that as the sole representative of the Bahamas I would share a little information regarding our educational system. I included a 2005 report prepared for UNESCO and IESALC that outlines higher education in the Bahamas (Link below). From the World Bank report, […] Continue reading

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According to, there area a few “party schools” that actually reflect large incomes post-graduation during the middle of their career etc. Just found this to be an interesting study. Where’s VT on this list I wonder? “Methodology Party School: One of the 20 schools on the 2011 Princeton Review Party School Ranking. Mid-Career Median Salary: Half […] Continue reading

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This video goes over the economic risks being taken to enter into higher education. Something to think about, will we be able to maintain in the higher education bubble in our or our future generations? Is there an expected crash as the housing market had. I believe this is something that needs further investigation and […] Continue reading

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