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A Speech Shared at the Swiss Embassy

This speech was shared to describe the Virginia Tech Global Perspectives Program at the Switzerland Embassy on June 21st 2013. After a series of meetings leading up to our departure, 13 VT graduate students, embarked on a quest to learn more about higher education from a global perspective.  Now, the word quest was carefully chosen, not from […] Continue reading

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Back to Blacksburg

Well, I’m back in Blacksburg after an incredible global adventure.  Many more pictures and stories will follow, but for now I have two goals: (1) to express how incredibly enriching of an experience I had, and (2) to report back … Continue reading Continue reading

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This Day Came Too Soon

***Started writing on departure from Villa Maderni and reviewed once settled in the US (which is why it is just being posted). The last day at the Villa Maderni is a bitter sweet one. An early rise to prepare to leave and press toward the final leg of my journey that has me feeling sad. […] Continue reading

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To Lucy and Olivio Ferrari

It’s not every day you get to meet an individual whose tireless efforts have an indirect impact on your life. I am fortunate enough to have met and shared a meal with such a person, Lucy Ferrari. Without her and her husband’s efforts, the GPP experience would not be comprehensive. Through the efforts of Mr. […] Continue reading

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Translingualism at the University of Strasbourg

I spoke with Monsieur Serge Potier from the University of Strasbourg yesterday following his presentation about the PhD process at the university. During the Q&A after his talk, he mentioned that some theses are written in a combination of both … Continue reading Continue reading

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Continuing the global perspectives adventure

This morning I find myself on a train on the way to Strasbourg, France in order to continue my exploration of higher education abroad. After visits to several Swiss institutions, I’m excited to today visit two institutes of higher education … Continue reading Continue reading

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Efficiency & Pride

It has been over a week since my entry into Swiss society and there are two words instantly come to mind, Efficiency and Pride. The public transportation system is the most efficient I have ever seen and the timeliness of the meetings makes me rethink my own level of efficiency (originally thinking it was high). […] Continue reading

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Hallo Zurich!

Raclette and fondue at Swiss Chuchi was a great way to kick off our first official day of the Global Perspectives 2013 program. I have had a wonderful time traveling around Switzerland this past week, visiting a cheese factory, chocolate … Continue reading Continue reading

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Hello from Zurich!

Hello all!  I am happy to check in from the Hotel St. Joseph in Zurich.  I have spent the last week on the whirlwind trip of a lifetime across Switzerland.  Across the span of a week, I explored Zurich, Lausanne, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Ready and waiting!

A group of students and I have been traveling around Switzerland for about 4 days now. With the help of a gracious Swiss native, we navigated through the best of Switzerland. I have found this country to be beautiful, clean, and mesmerizing! I am looking forward to the start of the program! Moving from hostels […] Continue reading

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