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Both sides of auto-grading argument miss the point

A recent story in the New York Times covers a software program by nonprofit EdX that will soon be available for free to any institution that wants to use it. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to train its artificial intelligence, … Continue reading Continue reading

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How will we build a Third System of education?

I have recently been reading about, as Mike Gancarz puts it in Linux and the Unix Philosophy, “The Three Systems of Man”. This is, to my understanding, a fairly well documented and often-observed concept in software design, possibly first referenced … Continue reading Continue reading

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My Journey: Can Education Happen Entirely Online?

After my freshman year of college at Virginia Tech (VT), I seriously contemplated dropping out. Today, I am a graduate student and the biggest promoter of higher education you will ever meet.I remember sitting in one of our massive lecture halls among 400+ students and saying to myself: “This is a waste of my time. […] Continue reading

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Of job-hunts, majors and calling…

The body was a modified ice-cream tub, the blades were borrowed from my dad’s cabinet, and the motor was a simple battery operated device, a treasure that I owned. I used these to make my first working model, a mini-blender, for my doll house. A nidus was planted, which over the next decade took a concrete […] Continue reading

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social change….

I got to thinking that social change was all about addressing the gaps that existed as a result of government procedures. For example we talk a lot about charter schools addressing many of the issues and gaps within education – charter schools are an example of social change. However, bringing about social change also has […] Continue reading

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So what makes a teacher, good?

And who decides…? On March 3, 2012, the New York Times ran an article titled, “Confessions of a Bad Teacher.” Below is the web link to the article. Initially, the title of the article grabbed my attention. I thought … Continue reading Continue reading

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SAREC and beyond

At the AAAE conference in Birmingham, Alabama I attended a session titled “Assessing the Impact of International Experiences on Distinguished Faculty’s Teaching Style and Technology.” The presenter from Texas A&M shared the experiences that faculty had on an international trip. Through the presentation it became apparent that the faculty brought technology with them; cameras, videos, […] Continue reading

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