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change and leadership

When the word leadership comes to mind what do you think of?  When the word change comes to mind what do you think of?  If you think long enough about leadership and change you will find that they are interconnected.  Many of America’s great leaders are identified as such because they lead us through great […] Continue reading

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social change….

I got to thinking that social change was all about addressing the gaps that existed as a result of government procedures. For example we talk a lot about charter schools addressing many of the issues and gaps within education – charter schools are an example of social change. However, bringing about social change also has […] Continue reading

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Appreciative Inquiry

I first learned about Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in my community development and education class. I was intrigued by its positive foundation especially in the context of community development, which can, quite frankly, be depressing and complex. I remember processing appreciative inquiry’s 4-D cycle in class. As a practitioner in community development the first question I […] Continue reading

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stress and creativity

I have to confess that the past couple of weeks have been very stressful.  Stress is a result of having more work to do than you have time.  Oh the life of a graduate student.    I have 2 blogs posts “due” this week.  And all this week I have been racking my brain trying […] Continue reading

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you want me to blog?

blogging….its seems to have taken over my spring semester, three of my five classes have asked me to blog. My synthesis of these requests is that blogging is great and meaningful stuff. So I have grown accustomed to sharing my (humble) scholarly thoughts via blog as a narrative of my work (as Dr. Gardner would […] Continue reading

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What kind of a student are you producing?

My group and I were discussing some reading from our contemporary pedagogy class. We had read a chapter on Wiemer on the role of a teacher, Michael Wesch’s article on anti-teaching, and his video on rethinking education – so you can imagine the dialogue we were having. I confessed to my group that I had […] Continue reading

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I read an article by Michael Wesch (this guy is a guru of a teacher) called “ANTI-TEACHING: CONFRONTING THE CRISIS OF SIGNIFICANCE”. The article is chalk full of great stuff. He details a new perspective on teaching that challenges the traditional methods, hence “anti-teaching”. But what really stood out to me was the bit about […] Continue reading

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Hi Blog, I’m Back

Dear Blog, I am sorry I have neglected you. I promise to “do better” and freely share my scholarly connections as often as I can stand it! I am so thankful for this community and worry free environment created here. You are such a relief and escape from papers, thesis, conference writing, etc. You are […] Continue reading

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SAREC and beyond

At the AAAE conference in Birmingham, Alabama I attended a session titled “Assessing the Impact of International Experiences on Distinguished Faculty’s Teaching Style and Technology.” The presenter from Texas A&M shared the experiences that faculty had on an international trip. Through the presentation it became apparent that the faculty brought technology with them; cameras, videos, […] Continue reading

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We had such a wonderful conversation in both of my classes on Wednesday.  In my leading social change class we talked about innovation as a catalytic ingredient and specifically some typologies.  In my later class, contemporary pedagogy, we had the director of faculty development institute as a guest speaker.  Dr. Campbell was very dynamic and a […] Continue reading

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