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Learning Technologies in Education Field

Studies in the area of learning technologies emphasize the significant, revolutionary role which they play in the teaching-learning experience today. (Burge, 2000; Khine& Fisher, 2003). Yet, it should be recognized that any discussion of the role of technology in education … Continue reading Continue reading

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Workforce Diversity

As part of our reading subject this week its Interesting to have a look to this article in changing the way of doing business by Rob McInnes. He introduced his concerns as a Social Responsibility, as an Economic Payback, as … Continue reading Continue reading

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you want me to blog?

blogging….its seems to have taken over my spring semester, three of my five classes have asked me to blog. My synthesis of these requests is that blogging is great and meaningful stuff. So I have grown accustomed to sharing my (humble) scholarly thoughts via blog as a narrative of my work (as Dr. Gardner would […] Continue reading

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The Architectural Education in Saudi Arabia

In this brief I like to talk about  the architectural education in Saudi Arabia in term of sustainability. The direction of architectural education is influenced by the needs of its key stakeholders, namely, the needs of the industry, professional, and university offering the course. … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Syllabus

Syllabi serve several important purposes, the most basic of which is to communicate the instructor’s course design (e.g., goals, organization, policies, expectations, and requirements) to students. Other functions commonly served by a syllabus include: To convey our enthusiasm for the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Education for Sustainability

In education sustainability could be emphasized through increasing the responsibility of the educators to cultivate environmental awareness for a sustainable future. David Orr (Orr, 1992) defines education for sustainability in a broad sense: Education relevant to the transition to a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Nowadays, Teachers are more tending to look students as active contributors and participants in the process of acquiring knowledge than to see the teacher’s main role as the transmission of information and demonstration in formal education. Teachers in some countries … Continue reading Continue reading

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Green Blogs

  Blogs sites can play a significant role in the development of energy efficient buildings. Discussion and arguments between public and experts in energy subjects might be very useful in increasing the awareness and the knowledge of the public and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Blogs in Educational Filed

In this brief I like to write about using blogs in educational filed highlight some benefits of blogs in viewpoint of me and based on what I believe of some reading articles related to our subject. Also, as international student … Continue reading Continue reading

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Hello everyone, Welcoming YOU in my blog’s site. ( My name is Mohammed Al Oshan, I am interested to share your comments and ideas. MOHAMMED ALOSHAN         Continue reading

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