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I’ve got to write this guy a letter

Gardner, this one is for you.This post is centered around a few scenes from my favorite episode of the West Wing.[Opening scene. The President of the United States and his Press Secretary having a conversation]President: Galileo five!Press Secretary: Y… Continue reading Continue reading

Tony Brainstorms VS The Snark!

In honor of our recent reading, “Time Frames,” by Scott McCloud, I proudly present:Tony Brainstorms VS The Snark!!!!Tony Brainstorms vs the Snark Well… that was fun!If for some reason this isn’t working, try downloading the file directly (pdf):Tony B… Continue reading Continue reading

Changing the Message: Grading vs Reviewing (Part 4 of 4)

Continuing the saga….Rigid Grading StructuresOK, I recognize that this is a touchy subject, so I’ll tread lightly (for now). The heck with that, let’s get dirty!”You, my friend, are going towards turbulent flows.”An Anonymous FriendToday, after telli… Continue reading Continue reading

Changing the Message: Degree-Level View (Part 3 of 4)

Continuing the discussion on changing educational media to change the message we send.Degree Path SheetsME DepartmentThe degree path sheet is a very helpful tool for students. This single page summarizes all of the courses that they need to take to com… Continue reading Continue reading

Kaizen Was Here (Part 2 of 4)

Continuing to think about “The Medium is the Message”(Wiki, modified)A recent experience confirmed in my mind what the Communications Department has been saying for a long time:”The Medium is the Message”The way that information is presented has a stro… Continue reading Continue reading

The Galaxy Reconfigured (Part 1 of 4)

(or the Plight of Mass Man in an Individualist Society)I may have mentioned that I am participating in a seminar that is discussing the impact of the new forms of media made possible by the computer on life and education. We are working our way th… Continue reading Continue reading

There is no spoon…

Sorry for the length, this is what happens when I get excited!MakerBotIn my other life as a researcher, I’ve spent a lot of time lately working with 3D Printers. These amazing devices can literally put a bit of material wherever you ask them to in thre… Continue reading Continue reading

How to Inspire Someone

I recently had coffee with a new friend that changed may have changed my life.I say “new friend” meaning that we barely knew each other when we first sat down. We had met a few times in seminars around campus, and decided to grab a cup of joe when we a… Continue reading Continue reading

Blogging and Brainstorming

Hello, Everyone!So here I am, writing my first blog post for the world to see. It’s funny how my online presence has morphed over the past few months, and so I think I’ll start by telling you about it. Along the way you’ll get to see what this whole “T… Continue reading Continue reading