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Modern medicine saves countless lives but makes us weaker compared to our ancestors

This interesting article modern medicine and evolution suggest that the current medical system is preventing natural selection in humans, allowing for weaker genes/traits to propagate.  While I champion the advances in medicine and the countless lives spared utilizing it, I … Continue reading Continue reading

Evolution seen in synthetic DNA

As a research scientist and educator in the field of physiology and metabolism,  I constantly get asked about how human organ and cellular systems work under normal, stressed, diseased, exercise, etc. situations.  When students become more interested in the topic … Continue reading Continue reading

Trust of Science Hits All Time Low

American’s view of science has dramatically changed over the course of a few years.  This article reviews the polarizing ideas of science article link.  How could this influence our policies?  Will scientific funding suffer?  Could this eventually change the way … Continue reading Continue reading

How To Write Like A Scientist

I found this article very interesting: How to write like a scientist.  It’s about how all the strict rules and standards of scientific writing lead to a very impersonal (and often boring) product (your ideas and findings).  Is it any … Continue reading Continue reading

Predicted Coastal Changes

You may want to start investing in beachfront property in West Virginia.  Here is a link to a webpage projecting future water levels in the United States: Coastal predictions  “Global warming has raised global sea level about 8 inches since 1880, … Continue reading Continue reading

Rebuttal on question students ask “why do we need to know this?”

I believe this question to be both healthy and beneficial to the development of the class.  People are natural skeptics, and rightly so.  In order for me to buy into your ideas and/or products you need to sell me first.  … Continue reading Continue reading

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