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EDWIN KENT MORRIS holds a Ph.D. in Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought from the ASPECT (i.e., Alliance for the Social, Political Ethical, and Cultural Thought) interdisciplinary doctoral program at Virginia Tech (VT). He has been published in the International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music (IRASM), and has published four articles in the ASPECT online journal SPECTRA. He has presented papers at the International Studies Association and the Western Political Science Association. As an instructor at VT, he received recognition for excellence in teaching and research, including a 2014 “Thank a Teacher” by the Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) at VT, has been a recipient of the 2012 “Favorite Faculty Award” by the VT student association, and the 2011 “Best Master’s Thesis Award” by the VT Department of Political Science. He is currently an adjunct faculty member with the Department of Political Science at Radford University.

Live Free

This brief post is to elucidate on who I think will win the 2012 Presidential Election this coming Tuesday (my birthday of all days). I suggest Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States. Stated differently, if … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Disneyification of Star Wars

One article among many about the news that blew up social media yesterday: The Star Wars franchise is one of America’s most enduring fictional institutes. Since 1977, generations have shared in the excitement of a story that took place … Continue reading Continue reading

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Governor McDonnell’s Executive Order as a Sovereign Decision?

I’m sure anyone reading this will know exactly what I am talking about: Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell by executive order late Sunday night, shut down all public functions. For roughly 20 minutes, this included all public colleges and universities in … Continue reading Continue reading

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Fall Back! Exploring the Relationship Between Sovereignty and the Clock

The other day as I was thinking about being tired due to the hectic schedule that I put on myself (nobody’s fault but mine) it dawned on me I had something really subtle to look forward to: come November 4th, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Lost Without A Teleprompter

Some brief thoughts on the first presidential debate last night: 1. Governor Romney clearly won. 2. President Obama seemed tired, aloof, and seemingly lost without his teleprompter to make his case. At points it seemed he did not want to … Continue reading Continue reading

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To be clear…

The previous post is about a scenario that, for all intents and purposes, is a long shot. Since the nature of these writings are ‘blog’ posts, I am free from any real academic vigor or requirement. In other words, a … Continue reading Continue reading

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What If: The 2012 National Election Prior to the Debates

What I want to discuss in this blog is the happenstance of making a map completely by accident predicting the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election as a tie. My background is political science. Although I work and do research … Continue reading Continue reading

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Greetings from HDP! / Beloit Mindset Comparison 2005 / 2012

First off, let me welcome you true believers (again) to Hunky Dory Politics (HDP)! A blog that has existed more as an idea and less than an actual enterprise, although taking flight briefly for one semester and in previous incarnations … Continue reading Continue reading

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Oak Mtn -> Lakewood -> Charlotte (Part 1)

Brief recap of the last 48 hours: Oak Mountain: 20th show. cities. ginseng(!) > the wedge. rock and roll -> lizards was definite highlight of the evening. sand. glad to get a non-botched waste. Lakewood: haters are gonna hate. ya … Continue reading Continue reading

A Phillipic on My Political Ideology Crisis (Or I Love Being a Member of Generation Screwed)

I find myself often wondering when I tell other people what I am doing with myself, that I study political science and instruct courses in it, what comes to their mind at that moment. Hmmm…I wonder, do they think I … Continue reading Continue reading