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talking about inclusivity…

As I sat at the Cranwell International Center, being interviewed for the post of Global Ambassador, I was asked: Is VT inclusive, in catering to different nationalities? This got me thinking…You see,in my opinion, inclusivity is not a institution-dependent, it is rather, part of a much larger phenomenon, waiting to be jostled around with, by […] Continue reading

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Calvin’s take… :)

Talking about assessment…Calvin’s perspective source: Continue reading

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Being a Faculty Member-musings

A vedic shloka, from ancient India describes a teacher as an entity far superior than the Almighty himself. An individual who personifies an amalgamation of the three supreme forces accounted for creation of the world, sustenance of the world and possible annihilation of the world. This Sanskrit shlok, which is offered as a prayer to […] Continue reading

Introspection- My Auto-ethnography Essay

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’-‘the world is one family’ : These were early morning Sanskrit chants to which I woke up, every day during summer holidays at my maternal grandmother’s home. As I grew up and grew inclined towards the sciences, I learned that, about the 98% similarity in genetic make up amongst human-beings across the planet. How much […] Continue reading


The terms talented and gifted have been used interchangeably in literature to describe a wide range of exceptional performance.  Talent is often considered to be a specialized ability, a high level of competence in a particular domain while the term giftedness has generally been equated with a high IQ score.  The three necessary elements proposed […] Continue reading

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‘Ethically speaking’

Etymologically, the  word ‘ethics’ (epsilon theta iota kappa sigma) originates in the Indo-European root and travelled westward to Latin (ethica) to French (ethique) and Middle England (ethik). In its core however is nested the gist ‘ethos’ which deals with the nature, disposition or primary value(s) that is specific to a person, society, people, culture or […] Continue reading

On assessment and evaluation…

The present education system is flawed; this system of education fails to understand the child, doesn’t cater to its needs, dissociates the child from its natural tendencies and above all fails to create a questioning mind. This imperfection originates from its evaluation system. The evaluation system, rather than the teaching- learning process is the core […] Continue reading

Contemporizing Pedagogy

Four weeks into class and this is my first post. Makes me wonder, how contemporary my own adaptability skills are. Coming from the school of gears, chalkboards and machines; which churns out mechanical engineers, how am I to eloquently place my opinions out into the void? What have I learnt? Am I augmenting my learning […] Continue reading