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Excited to Connect to this Caravan

Hello, fellow “Caravanistas“! I am excited about embarking on this active co-learning Connected Courses adventure, and  am looking forward to ‘meeting’ and exploring with all of you. Continue reading

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“To this day Project” and helping Humankind remember to be both. . . .

Ever notice how synchronicity and connections occur when we’re open to them?  I was lucky to have such a moment last semester.  After a seminar conversation last fall on inclusive pedagogy and diversity, an undergraduate came in to grab some … Continue reading Continue reading

Ron Finley’s Food Desert Activisim

On any given Saturday morning or Wednesday afternoon, we can wander through the farmer’s market in our college town.  Each time I do so, I am guaranteed the opportunity to select from a wealth of local and organic veggies, fruits, … Continue reading Continue reading

A ‘Huge-LQG’ and a ‘motherblog’ . . . .

What might a Huge-LQG and a motherblog have in common?  The first challenges our basic assumptions about what we think the nature of the universe is, and the second enables us to challenge our basic assumptions about what we think … Continue reading Continue reading

More on the complexity of participatory culture and digital inclusion…

Hi, Kim  —  Inspired by Jon Udell‘s notion that our online conversations might be even more useful when we use our own blog space to move beyond the form and function of ‘comment boxes,’ I am posting my extended comment … Continue reading Continue reading

(Re)Inspired to reboot and reenter

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”  – Brené Brown I’ve been on a blogging hiatus.  It has been awhile since I’ve written a blog post, and I’ve been pondering why that is.  Being busy and having this platform … Continue reading Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to Blogs@VT Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Shifting and changing sense ratios (and a whole lot of love)

“What will be the new configurations of mechanisms and of literacy as these older forms of perception and judgment are interpenetrated by the new electric age?” [Marshall McLuhan, from “The Galaxy Reconfigured…”] As I write this, you should probably know … Continue reading Continue reading

“Dream no small dreams, make no small plans”

This post is inspired by Doug Engelbart and Ted Nelson.  It is dedicated to the late Edward J. McPherson, a colleague whose gentle persistence continually focused our attention on social justice and equity issues within and beyond our own community, … Continue reading Continue reading

Tricycles in the Pentagon, Jiggling Atoms, and Tiny Neutrinos

I like it when I am reminded that the siloed boundaries between disciplines, between the sciences and the humanities, for example, are something to be questioned at every turn.   When two of my scientist colleagues said that they were … Continue reading Continue reading