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Yippee for syllabi!

One of our assignments for this course is to construct a syllabus. Oh what fun! And I’m being absolutely serious and not at all sarcastic. It has been a truly exciting assignment to work on. Finally, a “real” class (not … Continue reading Continue reading

Class on 22 February 2012

At the end of our class on 22 February 2012, a student that I suspect is The Reluctant Blogger, made a comment about how much she dislikes blogging and the reasons for why. I think her comment struck a chord … Continue reading Continue reading

What’s with the scribbles?

This is a re-post because it seems that my original post got lost in the reshuffling. Enjoy: For the two of you reading this blog, you may have asked yourself “what’s with the scribbles at the top of the … Continue reading Continue reading

The problem with blogging

I understand why blogging, as a concept, can be great. One can connect with a community that is physically far away. This can be your family in Virginia, while you are travelling the world. Great. It could be a political, … Continue reading Continue reading

What would Darwin do?

Teaching evolution today must be not unlike what Charles Darwin had to do. He faced an audience that was skeptical and at times hostile (if not to him, then surely to his ideas). Of course the main difference between then … Continue reading Continue reading