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Communication is paramount for engineers. Grading reports from my freshmen students has proves to me that young engineers think they don’t have to write well or communicate at all. I know that I was completely against all English and communication classes when I was a young undergrad. I actually went into engineering for the simple […] Continue reading

teaching vs research university

I do not understand why teaching and research are coupled at universities. At a teaching university professors spend nearly all of their time teaching classes and may not get enough real life or research experience (in engineering anyways). This is the knock on teaching universities. However, there are systems in place at these institutions to […] Continue reading


I have been thinking much lately about what I will do when I become a professor because I have begun applying for jobs (one of which is my dream job). Specifically, my role as an adviser. I will be expected employ undergraduate and graduate students to achieve my research goals. I look back upon my education […] Continue reading

Why I am taking classes to learn how to teach

The following article from The Chronicle sums it all up. One part I found interesting was that professors must become “doubly expert” with respect to their pedagogy and research field. Additionally, they imply that those professors who do achieve this should help those around them. Of course this sounds good, but in my experience […] Continue reading

Blogging and STEM

I am not sure how to incorporate blogging into a STEM field so I am going to throw some ideas out there and hope for some comments or responses from my fellow bloggers. I am a Civil Engineer so I will typically reference engineering in my posts because that is what I am most familiar […] Continue reading


This is my first blog post ever. Funny, I don’t feel any different. Continue reading