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Nth year Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering officially studying Control Systems but in reality doing more software simulation than anything else, and thinks a lot about education system and how to make it better.

I am a Selfish Git: A bit on my teaching philosophy

A common observation I encounter from people who have taken my class is that there is less structure in the assignments than they are used to, and oftentimes less than they would like. A consequence of this is that participants … Continue reading Continue reading

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A Comment on “A comment on commenting”

In his post A comment on commenting, leon.pham commented on the annoyance of remembering different commenting syntax in different langauges. It’s true, it is a lot to keep track of. Luckily, if you use a good text editor, such as … Continue reading Continue reading

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Blasphemy?: DRMed Games on Linux

The interwebz have been all atwitter the past month or so with Valve’s announcement of the porting of their Steam gaming service to the GNU/Linux platform. Many Linux users were thrilled about the announcement and saw it as a sign … Continue reading Continue reading

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Git Games and Meta Moments

I had a bit of a meta moment while swimming today. I have a lot of good moments while swimming, probably because it’s a chance for my mind to wander. That’s probably a good argument to go more often than … Continue reading Continue reading

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Does awareness of our limitations aid in overcoming them?

A couple of thoughts have been bouncing around in my head while reading. First, while reading As We May Think by Bush, but repeatedly with other sources, I was reminded of a thought I often have when reading science ficture … Continue reading Continue reading

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On Farming, the Internet and Funny Hats

This is a picture of me wearing a hat I made: It was made from the same pattern used to make the hat used in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The woman who did the work of adapting the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Stranger in a Commonplace Land

As I began reading the two introduction essays by Janet Murray and Lev Manovich to The New Media Reader I first was a bit overwhelmed with the length of each.  This immediately made me think of an article that was reverenced in … Continue reading Continue reading

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It’s a Feature, not a Bug

In his article The internet: Everything you ever need to know, John Naughton lists nine key concepts about the Internet to help us understand that profound impact it is having, and will continue to have, on our lives.  Reading number 3 “DISRUPTION … Continue reading Continue reading

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Semester in Review

Well, as I’m about 6 hours in* into a 14 hour bus+train journey to Massachusetts I figured this would be a good time to reflect and respond to the past semester which seems to have flown bye. The Blogs I … Continue reading Continue reading

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Re: the little things of ubuntu

In a recent post thomaswy mentioned some things he liked about the CLI in Ubuntu (Linux in general, running bash in any distribution should yield an extremely consistent experience) and some things he disliked about the GUI. He’s not alone, … Continue reading Continue reading

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