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putting it all together

At the end of the semester there is usually some sort of rush to the finish, some sort of final dash where students seem to become overwhelmed with the impending finals and deadlines for final projects and research papers.  Is this a problem? What is happening in the first 12 weeks of classes that leads […] Continue reading


So, it seems to be that time of the semester again; the time when everything is due and everyone seems so busy.  As a now well-seasoned graduate student I’ m accustomed to the lengthy papers being due at the end of each semester in the course I am taking and I have always been the […] Continue reading

teaching tough topics

I’ve been reading some interesting marriage and family literature lately, and I figured I could post some out on the “blogosphere” (I’m getting cooler by the minute!) and if someone happened across it then maybe they would find it interesting as well.  I’ll probably try to tie in something about teaching methodologies or something else that […] Continue reading


Today was a beautiful day! But, a high in the lower 60s is chilly compared to the 80s I just left behind in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I left for New Orleans last Wednesday to attend and present a paper at the Southern Sociological Society of the South’s 75th annual conference.  Oh, conferences…a time for networking, […] Continue reading

Just another regular student?

I just finished reading through some of the HRC blogs and commenting on one of them. I was surprised by a couple of things. One,  just how many contributors there were! and how few actually interested me personally…and two, how creative and informative some of the posts were.  I stumbled upon one student who didn’t include […] Continue reading

Public Health Models and School Success?

Over the past decades epidemiologists have been successful at raising public awareness about risk factors or disease, such as smoking and inadequate exercise. However, they have been less successful about addressing social factors, which tend to be more proximal and less direct, that also influence or fundamentally “cause” diseases or negative health outcomes. Researchers have […] Continue reading

Just breathe.

I’ve decided that I am going to treat this blog like a nice mix between and online journal full of academic rantings and…well…maybe something more thought provoking? But, then again, rantings can sometimes lead to some of the most interesting types of thought… I’m in my 3rd year of graduate studies toward a Ph.d, and […] Continue reading

So, about creativity and knowledge…

When thinking about devloping an education-oriented blog, three starting point quotes immediately came to my mind, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new,” We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them,” and ““Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to […] Continue reading