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regaining focus

My last post was in China. Since then, I’ve been running around like crazy – or at least I feel like that. It’s not intentional procrastination, but somehow, I’ve found it difficult to get myself together after getting back. It … Continue reading Continue reading

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beijing or bust

So, right now, I’m in China with my colleague at a university – specifically, North China Electric Power University in Beijing. I’m surprised at both the similarities and differences to an American university. It’s full of students and professors just … Continue reading Continue reading

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All My Friends…

This is a throwback post to the days of AIM profiles. I put a lot of time into those things back in high school; they were the only thing you could personalize on the internet. You could make a blog … Continue reading Continue reading

best bed ever

i’m not super keen on kids, but if i ever have them, i will build this for them. if i don’t ever have kids, maybe i will just build it for myself.
AT-AT Loft bed!!
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more than anything, i hope this is true…

“Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything.” – Bruce Dackler
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after class post…

So, I think I’m continuing this because I like having a chronological account of things that I think are important (or at least important at the time). Maurice Sendak recently died, and in looking up information on him, I came … Continue reading Continue reading

blogs leading to blogs

As I’ve mentioned before, prior to starting my own blog, I was apprehensive about the whole situation. Now that I have settled into it a little bit more, I’m kind of getting into other blogs. Though none of them are … Continue reading Continue reading


After watching some of Coachella that was streaming this weekend, I realized that I had to make Bonnaroo happen. I have some amazing people (including my brother) gathered up and ready to go. Tickets will be bought soon and this … Continue reading Continue reading


So these are my bunnies; I love them. That is all.         Suzy (left), Wilson (right) Continue reading

i and thou, amazing TAs, and freire

What does I and thou mean? Well, according to Martin Buber’s book, I and Thou, it is a way of experiencing a relationship with a person. The I-It relationship is used in describing experiences within the world. Prior to an interaction … Continue reading Continue reading