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A faster way to grade papers?

For those who are about to face a mounting pile of end of semester papers, check out this article on a potential way to speed up the process. Since I haven’t yet faced that challenge, I’d love to hear any … Continue reading Continue reading

So where so we go from here?

As this class winds down to an end, I find myself struggling with what to do with all of the information that I’ve gathered. I don’t teach currently, won’t teach during my tenure at Virginia Tech, won’t begin a PhD … Continue reading Continue reading

Learning in an environment of fear?

The recent bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh combined with the passing of April 16th have caused me to wonder about how you can continue to have a healthy learning environment in the midst of fear. In the past, … Continue reading Continue reading

Making a fool out of ourselves

As part of the Communicating Science course that I’m currently enrolled in we’ve been doing a lot of… well, improv exercises I suppose you could call them. Activities designed to have a variety of purposes, but that almost uniformly involve … Continue reading Continue reading

Teach For America Exposed in Seattle

Stumbled upon this unfortunate blog/discussion of Teach for America. I’ve heard rumblings of things like this in the past but never something so explicit. The title of the author’s book, “Learning on Other People’s Kids” highlights the main problem with … Continue reading Continue reading

Student-centered honor systems?

Since we didn’t get a chance to discuss the articles on cheating and plagiarism, I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on the topic. 1) Both the technology article and the suggestions article imply that the responsibility for … Continue reading Continue reading

The power of a united internet?

Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to see two great examples of the power of the internet in action: 1) The SOPA/PIPA blackout 2) The Elsevier petition The first resulted in the removal of support by a … Continue reading Continue reading

Professional Website

Since the subject of tonight’s discussion is professional websites I* thought that I’d go ahead and share mine. It was developed with google sites, and I can show anyone that’s interested how to get a custom url. I’d be happy … Continue reading Continue reading

Science: Not as hard as it looks

A recent NPR article titled “Science: It’s Really, Really Hard, And That’s Something To Celebrate” caught my eye this morning, and I’d encourage you to give it a read-through. From the author: …a simple fact about science. It is hard. … Continue reading Continue reading