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Time management – private sector vs grad school

How effectively are we using our time as graduate students? When I was pursuing my master’s degree a while back I wasn’t too concerned with this issue because I was less aware of the pool of knowledge surrounding me. My … Continue reading Continue reading

Hiring based on GPA

I am sure that most of us have had bad days, sick days, down days, special circumstances that have influenced our performance during an exam. That performance in turn has influenced our overall grade and consequently our GPA. So is … Continue reading Continue reading

Questions that may come up during an interview

Last week we discussed the differences between a resume and a curriculum vita. While many people agreed that the primary difference was the length with the resume being shorter this topic led to another conversation. Should you include personal information … Continue reading Continue reading

On Motivation

One of the assignments on the topic of motivation was to watch two videos from Daniel Pink. He made some convincing arguments that the traditional ways of motivating people don’t always work. I think to some degree everyone would agree … Continue reading Continue reading

On Attention

The article by Nicholas Carr “Is Google making us stupid” was very interesting and thought provoking, but just as interesting and well said was the response by Larry Sanger. Carr says that the net is chipping away his capacity for … Continue reading Continue reading

Reflections on Weimer’s Chapter 2 – The Balance of Power

Here is what I have been doing while reading Weimer’s “Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice”. Whenever I read something that either does not makes sense to me or it is an outstanding convincing argument, I write down the … Continue reading Continue reading

Reflections on Weimer’s Chapter 1 – Lessons on Learning

In page 7 Weimer talks about “the vastness of the literature on learning and the fact that this body of knowledge remains largely unassembled”. This statement is probably true not only for the subject of learning but for any topic. … Continue reading Continue reading