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Assessing Students Based on Their Own Merit

Fellow GEDI: I found the article at the following link had some great advice on several aspects of our course – from blogging to constructing a syllabus to assessment of students.  I imagine the English majors may already be familiar … Continue reading Continue reading

Everyone’s Differently-Abled

No use denying it:  I’m an old, white male.  If that’s not bad enough, I’m a low-level federal government bureaucrat!  There’s more.  I’m overly educated, with degrees from some of the (arguably) best schools in the state of Virginia.  Worse … Continue reading Continue reading

Drinking Colored Water

As the dinosaur of the class, I thought I would share a remembrance of mine, recalled thanks to our “diversity” discussion.  OK, so a trait of old people is that they like to recount how the world was, when they … Continue reading Continue reading

Another Sputnik Moment?

Mention was made in an earlier class about the need for another “Sputnik Moment” – the need for a new push to improve the education of the next generation to meet a growing need; especially a need for scientists and engineers.  … Continue reading Continue reading

A Thought About a Weimer Comment

Weimer, in her book titled “Learner-Centered Teaching,” notes that “Most students arrive in college classrooms having made almost no decisions about learning”  (p.41)  She continues on page 42, stating that: “In addition, many students are missing the solid study skills … Continue reading Continue reading