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Campus Climate Event: Diversity/Inclusion on our Campus

Please come out and support this awesome event as we take the first steps toward creating a more inclusive graduate experience. Food will be provided and the event will be an open, laid-back environment where thoughts and ideas can freely … Continue reading Continue reading

College At Risk

I came across this article while reading through The Chronicle of Higher Education today and it really struck a nerve with the revolution that is going on to preserve and adapt our education system so that we are able to … Continue reading Continue reading

Learner-Centered Syllabus

We have the assignment of creating a learner-centered syllabus. I thought it would be so much fun to create a syllabus for an ideal class I myself would like to teach one day but, upon reflecting on how much I … Continue reading Continue reading

Teaching with Humor

I was reading the New Horizons Winter 2012 Journal and I came across a really nice article, that I think ties together a lot of the various concepts we have touched on in class. It is entitled “Successfully Teaching with … Continue reading Continue reading

Being Myself in the Classroom

This week in class, we are focusing on  “discovering our authentic ‘teaching self’ “. When I first began to read on the topic it really got me thinking, well who AM I as teacher? It’s a question I never really … Continue reading Continue reading

Wisdom Teeth Worries

Hello my fellow contributors to the Noosphere, I am going to start off this blog sort of divulging into my personal world. Just a few days ago I had ALL four wisdom teeth pulled and I have been swollen like a chipmunk … Continue reading Continue reading

Hello world!

This is my first blog and I am thoroughly looking forward to offer exciting new ideas while also receiving new ideas as well. I am completely new to this world so, along the way if I get stuck or stumped … Continue reading Continue reading