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Using “my voice” in class

Maybe you didn’t notice, but I used my voice frequently in class. No, I didn’t talk about the specific needs for a returning combat veteran. But at times, I shared in the psychological struggle, the similar feelings associated with being “an outsider” to an established and close knit group, and the courage needed to stand […] Continue reading

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Winding Down

Life has been hectic lately.  I was in the very fortunate position of traveling the country for job interviews and conferences while also putting the finishing touches on my dissertation.  While all of my data collection was completed on campus … Continue reading Continue reading

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It’s not our first rodeo…

Veterans, Civilians and Cadets I heard the Student Government President talking about cadet-civilian relations. In fact, he suggested an executive cabinet position in order to improve those relationships. I don’t know much about that, but I do know I don’t fit in that dyad. We aren’t civilians and sure aren’t cadet members. I hate being […] Continue reading

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