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“To this day Project” and helping Humankind remember to be both. . . .

Ever notice how synchronicity and connections occur when we’re open to them?  I was lucky to have such a moment last semester.  After a seminar conversation last fall on inclusive pedagogy and diversity, an undergraduate came in to grab some … Continue reading Continue reading

Living with PTSD at Virginia Tech: The fictional story of a 31-year-old veteran

Reflecting on my own story… again? I remember college as if it were yesterday. I was a motivated undergraduate student, who sat in the first-row of every class with an attentive look and hung up on every word spoken by my wise professors. I must admit.. for the first day of every class… I was […] Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Death Penalties

I woke up one morning, the last week, to Facebook overflowing with comments smitten with rage and fury over Asha Mirje’s take on rape cases. What shocked my fellow Facebook-feed refreshers, enough to go on a share-click-like rampage was that Mirje’s opinions resonated a vibe of not only suppressing freedom but also assumed a defensive tone on […] Continue reading

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