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And Now You’re an Anstronaut: Open Source Treks to The Final Frontier

There have been a couple of blog posts recently referencing the recent switch NASA made from Windows to Debian 6, a GNU/Linux distribution, as the OS running on the laptops abord the International Space Station. It’s worth noting that Linux … Continue reading Continue reading

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Tony Brainstorms VS The Snark!

In honor of our recent reading, “Time Frames,” by Scott McCloud, I proudly present:Tony Brainstorms VS The Snark!!!!Tony Brainstorms vs the Snark Well… that was fun!If for some reason this isn’t working, try downloading the file directly (pdf):Tony B… Continue reading Continue reading

Something Funny about School (Part 1)

In the last “adult” class of the semester the reading du jour was Scott McCloud’s “Time Frames”, a comic about comics. Specifically, how the passage of time, including motion, are depicted in the medium. The discussion that started as we … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Importance of a Global Education

I came across this article on the importance of a global education, and about how one Illinois university, understanding the importance of a global education, has begun to financially support all of their students to travel abroad. I’m glad that … Continue reading Continue reading

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Will our society collapse in our lifetime? The data seems to suggest…

Research suggests tomorrow will be WORSE than today. Yes, that’s right. WORSE. Much worse. The nine trends presented below are based on scientific data and these trends are headed in the wrong direction. These trends range from personal (depression) to interpersonal problems (friendship) to health issues (obesity) to societal problems (mass shootings and climate change). […] Continue reading

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Is the current system in higher education unethical? What happens when rewards don’t align with the “Right Thing” to do?

We’ve talked about ethics throughout my graduate course and I want to continue that discussion in the context of higher education. We spent a good part of a course discussing rewards systems and the importance of developing good structures to produce desirable behaviors and outcomes. Unfortunately, we have two competing issues. What do we do […] Continue reading

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Why aren’t we learning from history? Repeating the 2008 Financial Crash Sooner Than We Think

In one week, the stock market dropped 18%. The 2008 story of the financial crash is not the first; it’s the same story, but a different time. That similar story will be back sooner than we think. However, it’s not sub-prime mortgages, it’s an educational loan crisis. “Pew Research Center reported that a record one-in-five […] Continue reading

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The crux of a compassionate culture: the need for more privileged prosocial behavior

Our future Our entire society is built on the belief that people will act prosocially for others, and that individuals with power and influence with do the “right thing.” However, I am fearful of the coming years. Where are we going as a society? Has technology made us closer, more caring, and deeply connected (see […] Continue reading

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