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Food for Thought

  I saw this and instantly thought of our group and our trip.  This quote couldn’t be more true!  I hope to reflect more on this as we are in Europe. Continue reading

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Servant Leaders in Higher Education

In Leadership Studies there is a theory about servant leadership.  Within this theory, a leader is explained to share power with others, to serve the needs of others before their own, and to help others perform and develop at very high levels.  Servant leadership is most commonly associated with the work of Robert Greenleaf.  And […] Continue reading

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The Price Tag on International Higher Education

After hearing from many of my fellow graduate students I learned of the many differences and similarities that exist between universities around the world.  I am so grateful for the stories and perspectives that they shared. I was most taken by the price associated with many of the international universities.  I was amazed to learn that […] Continue reading

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Empowering Students: Using Process-Based Feedback to Recognize for a Growth Mindset

We don’t live in silos, wind tunnels, or holes. We are in systems of people, places, and things, which includes interdependent interactions. Often, person with more power engage people with less power. For example, teachers motivate students. Managers motivate employees. Preacher motivate followers. Coaches motivate players on a team. Leaders motivate others. Clearly, we motivate each […] Continue reading

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Both sides of auto-grading argument miss the point

A recent story in the New York Times covers a software program by nonprofit EdX that will soon be available for free to any institution that wants to use it. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to train its artificial intelligence, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Cheating by the Rules

Is it still cheating if the rules are made up? Successful and fortunate crime is called virtue. Seneca During our discussion about Lucasfilm’s Habitat earlier in the week we talked a lot about how the lessons learned by the designers … Continue reading Continue reading

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Ethical Behavior: Is the cause a character flaw or a faulty system?

This week’s CNN front page story leads to an important question: Is bad behavior caused by a character flaw or a bad system?  “The former superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools was among the educators who surrendered to authorities Tuesday after being indicted by a grand jury in a cheating scandal that rocked the district and […] Continue reading

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How will we build a Third System of education?

I have recently been reading about, as Mike Gancarz puts it in Linux and the Unix Philosophy, “The Three Systems of Man”. This is, to my understanding, a fairly well documented and often-observed concept in software design, possibly first referenced … Continue reading Continue reading

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