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Not making this up: The Medium is the Message

I’ve been meaning to post something about the interesting interactions between the unix commands fortune and cowsay. This is not that post. Long story short, fortune prints a random tidbit to the terminal and cowsay takes an input string and … Continue reading Continue reading

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As Scholars are Wont to do: Poetry of the brachristochrone problem

Time is an important dimension to consider when tracing the path of a media-represented concept. This is a theme that has stuck with me since reading Brenda Laurel’s “The Six Elements and Causal Relations Among Them” and coming across this … Continue reading Continue reading

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Nyquist frequency of a concept?

We get stories much faster than we can make sense of them, informed by cellphone pictures and eyewitnesses found on social networks and dubious official sources like police scanner streams. Real life moves much slower than these technologies. There’s a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Changing the Message: Grading vs Reviewing (Part 4 of 4)

Continuing the saga….Rigid Grading StructuresOK, I recognize that this is a touchy subject, so I’ll tread lightly (for now). The heck with that, let’s get dirty!”You, my friend, are going towards turbulent flows.”An Anonymous FriendToday, after telli… Continue reading Continue reading

Changing the Message: Degree-Level View (Part 3 of 4)

Continuing the discussion on changing educational media to change the message we send.Degree Path SheetsME DepartmentThe degree path sheet is a very helpful tool for students. This single page summarizes all of the courses that they need to take to com… Continue reading Continue reading

Kaizen Was Here (Part 2 of 4)

Continuing to think about “The Medium is the Message”(Wiki, modified)A recent experience confirmed in my mind what the Communications Department has been saying for a long time:”The Medium is the Message”The way that information is presented has a stro… Continue reading Continue reading

The Galaxy Reconfigured (Part 1 of 4)

(or the Plight of Mass Man in an Individualist Society)I may have mentioned that I am participating in a seminar that is discussing the impact of the new forms of media made possible by the computer on life and education. We are working our way th… Continue reading Continue reading

The Ethics Epidemic

While reflecting on my experiences in graduate school, I recalled very few conversations about ethics and even fewer memorable moments.  Of course, it was talked about in my research methods class and briefly touched on in my qualitative one and statistics course.  However, neither of these experiences provided a forum for students to discuss and […] Continue reading

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Grade Inflation

Throughout our discussions on international higher education, I have noticed the drastic difference in grading scales.  This further support my theory on grade inflation in the United States. I first experienced this when I was an admissions counselor at Christopher Newport University in Virginia.  I would review high school student applications with GPA’s well over 4.0.  This […] Continue reading

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ToDo: Make ECE2524 Obsolete

Why would I want to eliminate the course that I’ve been teaching the past four semesters, that I have put so many hours into to update content, create new assignments, written (and re-written each semester… another topic altogether) a set … Continue reading Continue reading

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