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The Greatest Management Principle

A couple of times now, I’ve blurted out in class: “what gets rewarded is what gets done.”  All I have to show as a reward for this exercise has been a couple of blank stares, so by my own statement … Continue reading Continue reading

Different perspectives on different countries

Recently, I worked with a graduate student from China in the Writing Center. He’s graduating in May, and he’s currently debating whether to stay in the U.S. or to go back to China to try to find a job. He … Continue reading Continue reading

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Digital amplifier: the tweet heard ’round the world

Sometimes, in the face based modern world we live in, it feels like we’re living in the future. But all it takes is the watchful eye of the Internet, and specifically, its uncanny, sometimes disruptive tendency to amplify lurking social … Continue reading Continue reading

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There is no spoon…

Sorry for the length, this is what happens when I get excited!MakerBotIn my other life as a researcher, I’ve spent a lot of time lately working with 3D Printers. These amazing devices can literally put a bit of material wherever you ask them to in thre… Continue reading Continue reading

We are the medium? (director’s cut)

A couple weeks ago while reading Laurel’s, “The Six Elements and the Causal Relations Among Them” I had a bit of a moment at …the orthodox view of Aristotle’s definitions of spectacle and melody leaves out too much material. As … Continue reading Continue reading

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About Time: Idioms About Time

TL;DR: In the comments below please post, in your native language, or a non-English language in which you are fluent: how you would ask someone what time it is, and the literal word-for-word translation into English how you would ask … Continue reading Continue reading

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About Time

Reading the “Time Frames” comic about depicting time in comics made me think about Brian Greene’s The Fabric of the Cosmos in which he uses several metaphors and visualizations to help explain the nature of this thing we call time. … Continue reading Continue reading

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A philosophy of science: Is the “truth” a process or an outcome?

Do you have a philosophy? We all do. But specifically.. of science? I am not referring to the assumptions and principles of science or Karl Popper’s perspective of falsifiability or the “truth” vs. not truth debate. In my opinion, every graduate student should be able to ask and answer the following question: Do you view […] Continue reading

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Humans in the loop

Today’s hot article in the local twitterverse is a New York Times piece called Algorithms Get a Human Hand in Steering Web. I discovered it from a tweet by @GardnerCampell, also a beautiful retweet by @mzphyz: Above all: Algorithms are … Continue reading Continue reading

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Are we all ice skaters?

Gliding through life, blissfully unaware that there is an entirely different world just below the surface. The times we do break through unexpectedly the shock is so much that it often kills us. And so we learn to fear thin … Continue reading Continue reading

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