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This semester is, for me, a semester of mentoring.  I have mentored, and have been mentored, informally for a very long time now, but this semester I took on a number of more formal mentoring roles. The most drastic example … Continue reading Continue reading

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A ‘Huge-LQG’ and a ‘motherblog’ . . . .

What might a Huge-LQG and a motherblog have in common?  The first challenges our basic assumptions about what we think the nature of the universe is, and the second enables us to challenge our basic assumptions about what we think … Continue reading Continue reading

Does awareness of our limitations aid in overcoming them?

A couple of thoughts have been bouncing around in my head while reading. First, while reading As We May Think by Bush, but repeatedly with other sources, I was reminded of a thought I often have when reading science ficture … Continue reading Continue reading

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As we discussed in class work life balance, can be a struggle for many professionals in higher education.  This is understandably so because professors are BUSY people.  And while attempting to teach classes, conduct research, write grant proposals, complete grant reports for existing research, recruit graduate students, reply to undergraduate emails, meeting advise graduate and undergraduates students, […] Continue reading

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On Farming, the Internet and Funny Hats

This is a picture of me wearing a hat I made: It was made from the same pattern used to make the hat used in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The woman who did the work of adapting the … Continue reading Continue reading

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