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Creative writing, technically

A number of recent conversations, combined with topics-of-interest in both ECE2524 and VTCLI, followed by a chance encounter with an unfamiliar (to me) blogger’s post have all led me to believe I should write a bit about interface design and … Continue reading Continue reading

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I am a Selfish Git: A bit on my teaching philosophy

A common observation I encounter from people who have taken my class is that there is less structure in the assignments than they are used to, and oftentimes less than they would like. A consequence of this is that participants … Continue reading Continue reading

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My Journey: Can Education Happen Entirely Online?

After my freshman year of college at Virginia Tech (VT), I seriously contemplated dropping out. Today, I am a graduate student and the biggest promoter of higher education you will ever meet.I remember sitting in one of our massive lecture halls among 400+ students and saying to myself: “This is a waste of my time. […] Continue reading

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How to Inspire Someone

I recently had coffee with a new friend that changed may have changed my life.I say “new friend” meaning that we barely knew each other when we first sat down. We had met a few times in seminars around campus, and decided to grab a cup of joe when we a… Continue reading Continue reading

Blogging and Brainstorming

Hello, Everyone!So here I am, writing my first blog post for the world to see. It’s funny how my online presence has morphed over the past few months, and so I think I’ll start by telling you about it. Along the way you’ll get to see what this whole “T… Continue reading Continue reading

A Comment on “A comment on commenting”

In his post A comment on commenting, leon.pham commented on the annoyance of remembering different commenting syntax in different langauges. It’s true, it is a lot to keep track of. Luckily, if you use a good text editor, such as … Continue reading Continue reading

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Green Universities

***Sorry I took up all this space Considering that my study theme involves assessing the level of sustainable contribution of each university we visit, I figure that it would be great to half some typical framework for looking at what constitutes a “Green University” and as easy as it is to open a Google search […] Continue reading

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Blasphemy?: DRMed Games on Linux

The interwebz have been all atwitter the past month or so with Valve’s announcement of the porting of their Steam gaming service to the GNU/Linux platform. Many Linux users were thrilled about the announcement and saw it as a sign … Continue reading Continue reading

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Git Games and Meta Moments

I had a bit of a meta moment while swimming today. I have a lot of good moments while swimming, probably because it’s a chance for my mind to wander. That’s probably a good argument to go more often than … Continue reading Continue reading

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Traveling with Technology

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! I’m writing today with a Chronicle article that is relevant to our discussion at Tuesday’s Global Perspectives meeting about the benefits and drawbacks of traveling this summer with our (relatively heavy) laptops. While this piece is … Continue reading Continue reading

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