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Stranger in a Commonplace Land

As I began reading the two introduction essays by Janet Murray and Lev Manovich to The New Media Reader I first was a bit overwhelmed with the length of each.  This immediately made me think of an article that was reverenced in … Continue reading Continue reading

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Size – A Matter of Perspective

That’s one big BOULDER!  To find more pictures like this one, try a quick Internet search for images matching “large glacial erratic”.  You’ll pull up more amazing pictures of huge rocks resting in strange places.  Here are a couple more … Continue reading Continue reading

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It’s a Feature, not a Bug

In his article The internet: Everything you ever need to know, John Naughton lists nine key concepts about the Internet to help us understand that profound impact it is having, and will continue to have, on our lives.  Reading number 3 “DISRUPTION … Continue reading Continue reading

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Ignoring Geology – A Slippery Slope

September 2006:  500,000 – 600,000 cubic yards of soil and rock slid off a slope in Killbuck Twp. PA and covered PA Route 65 west of Pittsburgh as well as a busy railroad line.  The debris took days to remove … Continue reading Continue reading

Testing, 1, 2, 3…GPP

I am unbelievably excited to take part in Virginia Tech’s Global Perspectives Program.  What an incredible opportunity! This post will serve as a test to ensure that relevant posts about the program can be forwarded onto the GPP’s motherblog. Continue reading

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Test Posting

Hello All, This is a test post to ensure my addition to the “motherblog” for GPP 2013. Looking forward to a great experience. Ken Continue reading

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Top Five Phish 3.0 Shows I Have Seen

1. 10/16/10 – North Charleston, SC Up close and personal. This was the most “well rounded” Phish show in terms of the set list, and offered something for everyone a day after what is arguably my second “worst” Phish show, … Continue reading Continue reading

Garden Party (Phish 12/30-12/31)

This will be a brief discussion of the last two night of Phish’s New Year’s Eve 2012 Madison Square Garden run and is not meant to be an example of excellent, scholarly writing. “You can’t please everyone / So you … Continue reading Continue reading