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PHD Comics takes a stab at the Italian seismologist case

PHD Comics’ PHD-TV just published an “expose” showing its take on the Italian seismologist case that we talked about earlier in the semester, including some new details I hadn’t heard before.  Really interesting.  The link is (watch the beginning through … Continue reading Continue reading

Can We Fix the System?

The Tonanwanda Town Meeting we had in class was a great learning experience.  I was struck by the unique perspectives that each individual interviewee brought to the table.  Hopefully we all gained greater insight into the complexity of the situation and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Sustainability videos

This week, for my Sustainable Energy class, I watched a few TED videos. Each video, gave me something to think about and reflect upon. The videos provided me with more point of views and different approaches to the same issue of energy and sustainable living. In the following paragraphs, I provide a brief biography of […] Continue reading

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Structure, Language and Art

In a recent post tylera5 commented that the last time he wrote poetry was in high school, and wasn’t expecting to have to write a poem for a programming course. I got the idea for a poetry assignment from a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Philosophy about being a Faculty Member

I grew up seeing my father, an electrical engineer from IIT Delhi (one of the most prestigious institutions in India), do his PhD and join university as a professor. Although, I did not know much about teaching and research at … Continue reading Continue reading

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Going Down in Dubai Today… The link above discusses what could have an impact on the future of the Internet. It is timely and relevant to our class because of our discussion of MOOC’s. -TheDarkHorse Continue reading

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The Tides of Change?

As Linus Torvalds has mentioned in several video interviews, probably the main reason Linux has been lagging behind in the desktop market is that it doesn’t come pre-installed on desktop hardware, and the average computer user just isn’t going to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Difference in Expectations

People have different expectations from us and we in turn have different expectations from other people. Our friends and family members want us to be successful and live a happy life. Our teachers and advisers expect us to do quality … Continue reading Continue reading

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10 Do’s and Don’ts of PhD Student

Hello All, I find this interesting article from [] providing the 10 do’s and don’ts of a PhD student. Found that this was interesting however it’s possible that considering #1, this should be reviewed prior to entering a PhD program.  I think I like #10 the best….what’s your favorite? ENJOY! Do think about whether […] Continue reading

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