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Election 2012 Fallout (The Exhausted Edition)

Considering recent posts on this blog, I figured I might as well sketch a few thoughts on the aftermath of the 2012 Election: 1. Incumbent president Barack Obama was re-elected by 303 electoral votes to challenger Mitt Romney’s 206 electoral … Continue reading Continue reading

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Dealing with Academic Setbacks

I’ll admit it.  I’m not perfect.  This is something that I think we, as academics and perhaps as human beings in general, have a hard time admitting.  But it’s the truth. We live in a competitive world.  Grant money is … Continue reading Continue reading

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Dimension of Nanomaterials

Dimensionality is an important concept that has been applied to many different fields of study. Most objects thought of have three dimensions. They have substantial lengths, widths, and heights. However, upon minimizing one of these dimensions the object no longer is considered a three dimensional object but rather a two dimensional. Furthermore, minimizing another creates […] Continue reading

Ion Induced Secondary Electron Imaging

Ion induced secondary electron imaging is a technique used to capture the surface information of a solid sample. The process involves beaming ions to a sample which cause an ejection of electrons and materialfrom the sample. The electrons are ejected from the sample due to two driving forces of the ions, potential electron emission (PEE) […] Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Song (2012 Electoral Map) 1. Romney will have to win Ohio by these standards. 2. Switch Nevada and Ohio and see what happens. 3. if Romney wins Ohio but loses Nevada and Colorado, Obama still wins, barely. 4. Assuming GOP has the edge … Continue reading Continue reading

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At one time or another we will have to make presentation either in our class, for presenting/defending our research etc. It’s always a good idea to follow some basic tips so that you can focus on getting the most from your audience and vice versa. Therefore, below are 10 tips to making good or as […] Continue reading

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Live Free

This brief post is to elucidate on who I think will win the 2012 Presidential Election this coming Tuesday (my birthday of all days). I suggest Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States. Stated differently, if … Continue reading Continue reading

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Diwali- A celebration of Lights

As the colors and lights sparkle up newer dreams, As the sweet taste lingers on the palette long after the confectionery, The heart beats in joyous exhilaration, for the festival of joy and mirth and color and lights is upon us…  The festival of lights is one that lights up the entire Indian subcontinent, this […] Continue reading

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