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Higher Education System in China – as viewed through the eyes of a Foreigner

During the course of this semester (Fall 2012), I got a chance to visit the North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) located in Beijing, China. I came here to give a talk on the research that I had done in … Continue reading Continue reading

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Validate your experiment here..

A news blurb about “The Reproducibility Initiative” caught my attention a few days ago. Started by cancer researcher Elizabeth Iorns, this program offers scientists a means of validating their experiments at outside laboratories.  Validation tests are performed by one of … Continue reading Continue reading

LSU vs AAUP – The Footballs Are Professors!

By googling “academic freedom,” I came across the website for the American Association of University Professors – AAUP.  This site has a bunch of good pages and links, including the definitive document on academic freedom and tenure: Of particular … Continue reading Continue reading

Response to “Advanced Python exercises”

Recently Matt brought up some good points in his post Advanced Python exercises.  First, the more easily addressed one: To break up a Python program into multiple functions, just store related functions in a separate `.py` file, then in the main … Continue reading Continue reading

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According to, there area a few “party schools” that actually reflect large incomes post-graduation during the middle of their career etc. Just found this to be an interesting study. Where’s VT on this list I wonder? “Methodology Party School: One of the 20 schools on the 2011 Princeton Review Party School Ranking. Mid-Career Median Salary: Half […] Continue reading

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