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The Disneyification of Star Wars

One article among many about the news that blew up social media yesterday: The Star Wars franchise is one of America’s most enduring fictional institutes. Since 1977, generations have shared in the excitement of a story that took place … Continue reading Continue reading

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Get Out of Jail Free??

I was intrigued by the discussion of the Italian seismologist’s case in the 10/25 class video. I wish I had been there because I feel like a few important points need to be made, especially with regard to the sentiment … Continue reading Continue reading

Ethics Code for U.S. Politicians!

While researching the code of ethics for mining engineers, I happened to think: “there’s a code for everyone somewhere on the internet – I wonder what the code of ethics is for politicians? Googling took me to this site: … Continue reading Continue reading

Governor McDonnell’s Executive Order as a Sovereign Decision?

I’m sure anyone reading this will know exactly what I am talking about: Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell by executive order late Sunday night, shut down all public functions. For roughly 20 minutes, this included all public colleges and universities in … Continue reading Continue reading

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Student Mentoring

In order to keep in line with topic seven, this post will serve to show various student mentoring programs in higher education. There is discussion that will show the importance of having a mentor for native students and even more so for international … Continue reading

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Ethics in Earthquake Engineering

The headlines blare: Italian Seismologists Are Going to Jail for Not Being Able to Predict the Future Scientists aghast over Italian quake verdicts Italy Orders Jail Terms for 7 Who Didn’t Warn of Deadly Earthquake These are just a few … Continue reading Continue reading

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Corruption: A Key Challenge to Internationalization [OF HIGHER EDUCATION]

An interesting topic came up while looking through education on the international scale. There is a global campaign for higher education internationalization, and it is found that an overseas degree is increasingly valuable, however it has been plagued with a specter of corruption as private institutions finds this as a profitable venture and some of […] Continue reading

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Response to “Class Material – reposted”

In his post titled Class Material – reposted, zickbe asked a very good question about the content of ECE2524.  This is a question that has come up at least once every semester, to paraphrase it is “Since there are modern GUI … Continue reading Continue reading

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Something’s missing

I appreciate the even-handedness of the discussion of moral theory that we’ve had in class.  We’ve all been given some more tools to better assess the ethical decisions and dilemmas before us, and better yet to understand the philosophies that … Continue reading Continue reading

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regaining focus

My last post was in China. Since then, I’ve been running around like crazy – or at least I feel like that. It’s not intentional procrastination, but somehow, I’ve found it difficult to get myself together after getting back. It … Continue reading Continue reading

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