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Spheres of Influence

After Thursday’s class, I began thinking about the boundaries of our ethical responsibility.  Do they exist, and if so, where?  Do we have obligation to every issue and problem we face?  That option is paralyzing.  Is there a caring, ethical, … Continue reading Continue reading

Differing Opinions

I’m on the job market this semester, and I’ve been getting as much feedback as possible on my job documents. This week, I started putting together my first cover letter for a position that seems like it could be a … Continue reading Continue reading

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This video goes over the economic risks being taken to enter into higher education. Something to think about, will we be able to maintain in the higher education bubble in our or our future generations? Is there an expected crash as the housing market had. I believe this is something that needs further investigation and […] Continue reading

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Ethics in the Consulting World

This week’s readings on organizations have made me reflect on my experience working in a mid-sized geotechnical and geoenvironmental consulting firm.  While some of the statements by Harris et al. and Alford resonate, I’m not sure that all types of … Continue reading Continue reading

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Interesting Resource for Research through VT Libraries

Hey All, While in a research course, we had an individual from the library to give us a little workshop on usage of library resources and I though that I would share this while its fresh in my head. Many of you may already know of this resource but if you’re like me and just […] Continue reading

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I got this link as apart of my GTA workshop on ethics and thought that these were very interesting to share. I hope it keeps us all mindful in our future professional engagements. 8 Astonishing Stats on Academic Cheating Every student will face down the temptation to cheat on an assignment in his or […] Continue reading

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Faculty Duties

Thank goodness for Google!  I started thinking about “faculty duties,” and I figured I was a little “stuck.”  Sure, I could think of “teaching, publishing, and advising”; but that seemed brief.  A quick googling fleshed things out.  For example, revealed … Continue reading Continue reading

A Thought or Two About Our Mindset

 As I was driving home after last week’s class, I spent a lot of the drive (2 hours) thinking about our discussion of the Beloit Mindset List.  (I also spent a few brief moments of semi-terror dodging deer, ‘possums, and … Continue reading Continue reading

Energy Envisions

“As parents, we wish to leave our planet in a good shape for the benefit of future generations. As scientists, we do have the duty to contribute to the discussion on the impending energy crisis. As chemists, we can help improving energy technologies and, hopefully, finding scientific breakthroughs capable of solving the energy problem at […] Continue reading

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Thinking clearly about moral humility

In his November 2011 TED talk Nitin Nohria claims: “We haven’t really understood moral over-confidence.”  While I agree with Nohria’s call for moral humility, I believe it is more truthful to say that we have forgotten our tendency for immorality. … Continue reading Continue reading