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Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

SEM is a type of microscope that is used to obtain various information of a solid sample by an electron beam scanning. The signals generated from the electron beam scanning are analyzed for external morphology, chemical composition, crystalline structure and orientation of the surface. Among these signals, secondary electrons and backscattered electrons are displayed in […] Continue reading


The Dark Knight Rises (DKR) is a phenomenal, highly exhilarating movie and perhaps the best of the trilogy. With DKR, one can now distinguish the salient qualities of each of the three films. DKR ties the trilogy together back to … Continue reading Continue reading

Essay on Phish #1: Deer Creek + Alpine Valley 2012-Thoughts on Jamming

*Portions of the following were written shortly after the shows in question and portions were written more recently.* Pithy reviews of the 4-night run of Phish shows at Deer Creek (Noblesville, IN) and Alpine Valley (East Troy, WI) will not … Continue reading Continue reading

Roanoke Fallout II

*written for Facebook, so pardon the lack of proper grammar such as capitalization… how dare that Islamist, non-American Obamanation say I didn’t build my own business! i bypassed roads, private property rights, implementation of laws and protection of civil liberties. … Continue reading Continue reading

Roanoke Fallout

I want this to be brief as I want to clarify some explicit and implicit points made throughout the previous post. Mainly I want to bring the point home that I WAS THERE in Roanoke, VA to see President Obama … Continue reading Continue reading

President Obama / Downtown Roanoke, 07-13-12

The point of this post is neither to bestow grandeur or wonder to the President of the United States (POTUS) visit to Southwest Virginia, nor to review the political substance or content of his stump speech. Rather I intend merely … Continue reading Continue reading

To Wiki or Not to Wiki?

…that is the question. As I ponder my potential to soon leave the safe cocoon of grad school, I’ve begun to let myself explore the bounty of “real” jobs available in academia.  This is a new type of transition for … Continue reading Continue reading

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All My Friends…

This is a throwback post to the days of AIM profiles. I put a lot of time into those things back in high school; they were the only thing you could personalize on the internet. You could make a blog … Continue reading Continue reading