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“Criticism? uh-huh!” “Constructive? Erm…”

So, while talking about course feedbacks and the like, in the last class for this semester, I was reminded of what criticism felt like, for the short time, while I was working at a software development firm. No. It was not anonymous. Yes. It was blunt. Yes. It was blatant. No. It was not constructive. […] Continue reading

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What’s the deal with work-life balance?

I often find it strange the obsession with work-life balance. Here we have a verb, to work, and a noun, life. Is it not odd that we have compartmentalized our lives into two categories? 1. either working (in an office, driving, lifting 50 pounds, using a scalpel) OR 2. “living” (eating, sleeping, watching TV, going for a walk, traveling, […] Continue reading