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Hiring based on GPA

I am sure that most of us have had bad days, sick days, down days, special circumstances that have influenced our performance during an exam. That performance in turn has influenced our overall grade and consequently our GPA. So is … Continue reading Continue reading

Questions that may come up during an interview

Last week we discussed the differences between a resume and a curriculum vita. While many people agreed that the primary difference was the length with the resume being shorter this topic led to another conversation. Should you include personal information … Continue reading Continue reading

Getting a “Staff Infection”

I’m a poet, and I often write about my students.  Some people, especially those who have never taught, think this is weird.  Some even think it makes me creepy. Others go as far as to think that I’m taking advantage … Continue reading Continue reading

Before we can acheive diversity and equality we must first all be equal in the debate

I was recently talking to a close friend of mine who is coming to the end of their first year at law school.  Her class is composed of approximately 120 people from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities.  Racial tension … Continue reading Continue reading

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An interesting resource: Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Greetings all. I found this link below and information about a journal that would be of interest to all of us.  A faculty member of the Political Science (PSCI) department here at VT is one of the editors, Professor C. … Continue reading Continue reading

Lack of sleep and unethical conduct

I thought this was an interesting topic and article that folks might like to read. This work is being led by folks here at VT. The full text is available via the VT Library. I guess this means there are … Continue reading Continue reading

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Learning in an environment of fear?

The recent bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh combined with the passing of April 16th have caused me to wonder about how you can continue to have a healthy learning environment in the midst of fear. In the past, … Continue reading Continue reading

One Thing I Would Change About Higher Education

Laura Apfelbeck | Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, Manitowoc One thing I’d change about higher education? I’d love to see instructors embrace change. We live on the cusp of an entirely new way of researching, thinking, and knowing. Where once … Continue reading Continue reading

Introverts vs. Extroverts

I came up with this article today: “Introverts vs. Extroverts: How to Identify and Develop Diverging Personality Types”. “Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, recently made the case for introverts in an article … Continue reading Continue reading

Open Sesame

Greetings all – Holly recently wrote about how scholarly journals get articles from academics (whose time is paid for by their universities and in many cases by our tax money if it is a state university) and then turn around … Continue reading Continue reading

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