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The Magic School Bus

As the son of a 4th grade teacher, I spent a lot of time in school.  My mother had to be in school from 7 AM (school started at 7:55) until 2:15 PM, but often stayed as late as 3:30 … Continue reading Continue reading

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I have reviewed these videos on you-tube when searching about grading beliefs of various lecturers and hope that these preentations have some effect on how we view assessing students.
Doug Reeves

Rick Wormeli

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Young students get new grading scale By PAMELA GOULD

Parents of early elementary students in Spotsylvania County shouldn’t be shocked next year when their children don’t make excellent or satisfactory progress. It’s not that the county school division predicts that years of staffing cuts will suddenly prompt a nose-dive … Continue reading Continue reading

Meet the new so-called “Leisure Class” in America = professors??

Greetings all.  We were discussing hours worked, salaries, and workload of professors in the PFP course and this issue came up of professors being considered the “new leisure class”?? Here is one of several articles about the so-called “new leisure … Continue reading Continue reading

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Oklahoma educators give new school grading system poor marks at state hearing

Advocates and education officials went to the state Education Department on Monday to comment about the proposed grading system that would give all Oklahoma public schools an A through F grade. “Rural, urban and suburban schools are all different, yet … Continue reading Continue reading

teaching vs research university

I do not understand why teaching and research are coupled at universities. At a teaching university professors spend nearly all of their time teaching classes and may not get enough real life or research experience (in engineering anyways). This is the knock on teaching universities. However, there are systems in place at these institutions to […] Continue reading

Expectations for Graduate Education

Did you know there was entire page devoted to “Expectations for Graduate Education” at VT?  Until PFP last night, I had no idea. “At a Glance,” the expectations are on four main parties:  Grad Students, Faculty, Program/Department, and the Graduate … Continue reading Continue reading

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Just about half-way through…

In my department, the preliminary or comprehensive exam to move from Ph.D. student to Ph.D. candidate entails writing a series of four 20-page papers over four weeks on four different topics. One of the papers must be related to methodology … Continue reading Continue reading

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How To Write Like A Scientist

I found this article very interesting: How to write like a scientist.  It’s about how all the strict rules and standards of scientific writing lead to a very impersonal (and often boring) product (your ideas and findings).  Is it any … Continue reading Continue reading


As a researcher, I’m interested in children’s self-regulation.  It’s an important part of their development, impacting their relationships with their peers and families, their school readiness, their academic success, and a number of other important outcomes.  You might recognize one popular measure used in this literature, the Marshmallow Delay, which challenges children to wait patiently […] Continue reading

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