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Assessing Students Based on Their Own Merit

Fellow GEDI: I found the article at the following link had some great advice on several aspects of our course – from blogging to constructing a syllabus to assessment of students.  I imagine the English majors may already be familiar … Continue reading Continue reading

organizational change models

In my leading social change class we discussed the causal model for organizational performance and change by Burke and Litwin in 1992. Some of the key elements of this model are the open systems approach, the leadership components, and the transformational and transactions factors. At the epicenter of the model is work climate which is […] Continue reading

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“The importance of stupidity in scientific research”

For those of us who are doing scientific research, this could be a nice article to read:
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i and thou, amazing TAs, and freire

What does I and thou mean? Well, according to Martin Buber’s book, I and Thou, it is a way of experiencing a relationship with a person. The I-It relationship is used in describing experiences within the world. Prior to an interaction … Continue reading Continue reading

Appreciative Inquiry

I first learned about Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in my community development and education class. I was intrigued by its positive foundation especially in the context of community development, which can, quite frankly, be depressing and complex. I remember processing appreciative inquiry’s 4-D cycle in class. As a practitioner in community development the first question I […] Continue reading

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D’You Ever Wonder Why We’re Here?

Wow, pretentious title is pretentious.  But it’s an question that actually came up in my New Media Faculty-Staff Seminar. The title comes from an online web series, Red vs. Blue.  I love Red vs. Blue.  It was one of the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Agency and Our Priorities

I just went for an hour swim. It was not like I needed it, as we like to say about time away from the office, but just part of my normal routine. As graduate students, like most of you know, we are “busy.” Reading, writing, meetings, lab time, undergraduates…when do we have time for exercise, […] Continue reading

Michelle Obama to address Virginia Tech grads

By Tonia Moxley Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., gave no indication Wednesday that he had been upstaged by the announcement that first lady Michelle Obama would join him in giving a commencement address at Virginia Tech on May 11. “Tech gets a … Continue reading Continue reading

Being a Faculty Member-musings

A vedic shloka, from ancient India describes a teacher as an entity far superior than the Almighty himself. An individual who personifies an amalgamation of the three supreme forces accounted for creation of the world, sustenance of the world and possible annihilation of the world. This Sanskrit shlok, which is offered as a prayer to […] Continue reading

Student-centered honor systems?

Since we didn’t get a chance to discuss the articles on cheating and plagiarism, I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on the topic. 1) Both the technology article and the suggestions article imply that the responsibility for … Continue reading Continue reading