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Just another regular student?

I just finished reading through some of the HRC blogs and commenting on one of them. I was surprised by a couple of things. One,  just how many contributors there were! and how few actually interested me personally…and two, how creative and informative some of the posts were.  I stumbled upon one student who didn’t include […] Continue reading

Levels of change

What In our reading on Levels of Organizational Change by Burke, the author shares three levels of change, individual, group, and larger system, that must be reached before change can take place within an organization. It is noted that organizational change is far more complex than just these three levels, albeit limiting, the levels help […] Continue reading

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you want me to blog?

blogging….its seems to have taken over my spring semester, three of my five classes have asked me to blog. My synthesis of these requests is that blogging is great and meaningful stuff. So I have grown accustomed to sharing my (humble) scholarly thoughts via blog as a narrative of my work (as Dr. Gardner would […] Continue reading

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Are My Students Smarter Than I Am?

Recently, I was given the opportunity to help lead an advanced poetry workshop here at Tech.  My adviser wanted to divide his class into two groups, and he wondered if any of his graduate students wanted to lead the other … Continue reading Continue reading

The Architectural Education in Saudi Arabia

In this brief I like to talk about  the architectural education in Saudi Arabia in term of sustainability. The direction of architectural education is influenced by the needs of its key stakeholders, namely, the needs of the industry, professional, and university offering the course. … Continue reading Continue reading

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Becoming an Authentic Teacher in Higher Education

Becoming an Authentic Teacher in Higher Education  Patricia Cranton;Krieger Publishing: Malabar, FL (2001)  Reviewed by Denise C. Camin, Associate Professor, DeVry University, Tinley  Park Campus To better understand our teaching, we must first understand ourselves. What we find significant in our … Continue reading Continue reading

Global Mindset

WHAT In my leadership in a global society class we discusses global mindsets and ways to improve intellectual capital. Story and Barbuto propose in their article, Global Mindset: A Construct Clarification and Framework, a framework for a global mindset which takes into consideration global mindset as it is influenced by global roles and leader distant […] Continue reading

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‘Ethically speaking’

Etymologically, the  word ‘ethics’ (epsilon theta iota kappa sigma) originates in the Indo-European root and travelled westward to Latin (ethica) to French (ethique) and Middle England (ethik). In its core however is nested the gist ‘ethos’ which deals with the nature, disposition or primary value(s) that is specific to a person, society, people, culture or […] Continue reading

Rebuttal on question students ask “why do we need to know this?”

I believe this question to be both healthy and beneficial to the development of the class.  People are natural skeptics, and rightly so.  In order for me to buy into your ideas and/or products you need to sell me first.  … Continue reading Continue reading


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is located in the heart of the Middle East and the Arab World. Jordan is boarded on the north by Syria, on the east by Iraq and Saudi Arabia, on the south by Saudi Arabia and the … Continue reading Continue reading