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Everything happens for a reason… or does it?

I have lived by the phrase for my entire life. In fact, I used to love the phrase so much, I felt the need to coin a word for it. I use the word synchonocity (not to be confused with synchronicity) as a simple and shorter way of saying “everything happens for a reason.” The […] Continue reading

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The Self-Transcendence Search

by Christopher James Joseph Saccoccia Every day, as we walk down the street, glance away from the computer screen or people-watch at the mall, we witness people in need. Most of us see some sort of struggle in the person’s eyes, words or body language. Now the question becomes, will we help them? Many people […] Continue reading

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The Inaugural Speech

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today marks the beginning of a new era of student government at Virginia Tech. Yet, before we embark upon this journey together, we must pause to recognize the individuals who forged the solid framework which has shaped our experience until now. I will begin by thanking past president, Emily Mashack, […] Continue reading

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Do you ever wonder what others think of you?

“What others think about you is none of your business. If having others believe in you and your dream was a requirement for success, most of us would not have accomplished anything. You need to base your decisions on what you really want. Quit worrying about what others think about you. Follow your heart. When […] Continue reading

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Hokies agree: it is ‘SGA4You’

Virginia Tech students voted in all four members of the SGA4You ticket during elections last week. Brandon Carroll, SGA president-elect said he contributed SGA4You’s success to actively listening to the student body. “I think we truly empowered the student body,” Carroll said. “We showed not told that it was all about by letting the students […] Continue reading

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