Feedback of my lectures

I have recently had an opportunity to deliver a technical lecture in a class of about sixty students and also a lab session lecture to a class of five students. I think enough practice of the lecture helped me to avoid my nervousness during the lecture. Two faculty members came to the class to provide feedback about it. I tried to engage the audience by making eye contacts, walking different areas in the classroom and asking questions during my lectures. I was appreciated by the faculties for my initiative about engaging the audience. The microphone was noisy at the beginning what I took care of immediately and it was considered by the faculties as taking control of the class. They also appreciated the pace of my lecture and my professional look. I was recommended to be more methodical about explaining a complicated slide. I was also advised not to put too much information in one slide. The most important method I learnt from this feedback was about describing a figure in the presentation. I needed to introduce the axis of a figure before explaining about it. I also struggled with the filler phrase ‘uh’ during the lecture, what I think could be avoided by more practice. It was an exciting experience and the feedback I received would be very helpful to improve my skills.

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