Effective methods of a presentation

As a part of my fellowship requirement, I have some teaching requirements. Some of them are attending skills lectures, technical lectures, GTA training, delivering one technical lecture and teaching a lab class. The topic of the lecture was about uncertainty analysis, accuracy, precision, resolution, improving the air conditioner test set up and optimization of noise and coefficient of performance of an air conditioner. For lab session, I was required to give a short demonstration about the lab at the beginning of the lab. The lab requires not to spoon feed to the students. Because, the students need to act like professional engineers and address the critical issues of the lab on their own. So, it was my task to work as a guide or coach and to figure out what information or hints can be revealed to the students so that they can have enough knowledge to think about the problems independently. For the technical lecture, I modified and created some slides. To create the slide, I followed the rule that the title of the slide would be the assertion and the body of the slide would be the evidence. I also made my slides with much visual and less text because it is most likely that the students would remember the pictures in the slide. My overall slides can be divided into three main parts such as beginning, body and conclusion. The beginning part can be divided into three sections such as title, mapping and motivation. The title slide introduces the topic, the mapping slide provides the map of the lectures and motivation slide justifies the importance of the topic. I used some real-life examples in my motivation slide. The body part contains the background, results and analysis. The background reviews or provides the knowledge required to understands the topic. Results and analysis slides are the scope for detail technical information methodically. Finally, the conclusion slide summarizes the topic from overall perspectives with no new information. I think this kind of organization in slide design makes the presentation more effective to the audience.

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  1. Sounds like a great format for a presentation. I am always amazed when I see someone presents a slide show that consists solely of text that is then read word for word, so I totally agree with your decision to use more visuals! I think your decision to use motivational slides is excellent, giving the student something to get excited about!

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