PBL can be promoted by online video lectures


Learning does not stop right after graduation. It is a lifelong process. Learning in school helps us to develop self-authorship. The grades we achieve in school are not true reflection of knowledge. It does not mean that they cannot improve anymore after passing the class. Moreover, the motivation for learning to receive a good grade may not work for all. As different people learn in different ways, an old fashioned lecturing in a large room may not be engaging for all. Some students may need one-to-one interaction and much attention in a class. The online video lecturing is very useful in this case. Students can sees the lectures as many times as they want until they get a good grasp of it. It also provides the opportunity for the instructors to spend their in class lecture time in exploring PBL. This will promote the skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and make the class more engaging.

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  1. I totally agree, so often people think that learning stops after school ends but why should it? I think with the amazing boom in online lectures and MOOC’s there is no reason to ever stop learning!

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