Learning Centered Classroom


The understanding of human learning can be helpful in developing educational system. Knowledge is not remembering and repeating information but the ability to find and use it. Learning is the connection between response and stimulus. Motivation can be internal such as drive for hungers and external like rewards and punishment. People come to formal education with prior knowledge skills, belief, and concept that influence how they see the environments, organize, and interpret it. Teachers need to pay attention to prior knowledge, misbelief, and incomplete understanding. They need to build on these ideas for mature understanding. People need to recognize when they understand and when they need more information. A classroom environment need to be learner centered, knowledge centered, assessment centered, and community centered.

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  1. I had a discussion about the brain over the break, and I was reminded of it by your post. The basic idea of the discussion was that the brain is more like RAM than HardDrive, and that truly smart people used it properly; most people junked up their minds and did not have clear heads to think!

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