The MUSIC model of motivation


Course design is a key factor to motivate or engage students. There are many different types of motivation theories available. Music model of motivation is impressive. This model is derived from social-cognitive theoretical framework. MUSIC is the acronym for empowerment, usefulness, success, interest, and caring. Five components of motivation can be applied all together or separately according to the need. However, it is not a checklist type process. It is important to understand the theories of each component to apply them correctly. Motivated students engage them in activities that yield learning and achieving academic goals. Empowering students is a way to create belief in each students that they are valuable in the class. It generates collaborative learning environment in the class. Students can be empowered even by taking their opinions in setting up the class rules. Usefulness can be achieved by describing the reason for learning. Students learn better if they see the importance of the contents, applicability, and future perspectives. The learning can be more engaging by having the opportunities to solve real world problems. Success refers to acquire skills and knowledge by putting effort into learning a course. Instructors need to design a course in a way that is neither overwhelming nor too easy. It must be challenging such that it takes effort to succeed. Instruction of every assignment needs to be explicitly directive, and complex problems should be divided into small segments. Instructors have the ability to influence students’ interest. They can engender passion for the contents so that the students willfully participate in learning. They can try various presentation styles, and serve as a role model to the students to foster interest in learning. Caring shows instructors’ interest in students’ learning. Care can be provided to a group of students or individual student inside or outside the classroom. Extension of deadline for assignments, resubmission of assignments for correction, and knowing each other personally are the reflections of caring that promote students’ learning. In conclusion, it is an instructor’s choice what and how to apply the motivation techniques in order to achieve best outcomes from the students.

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  1. Very interesting to see what Tech students have to say about classroom motivation. I liked the student who said he left World Regions on the day John Boyer wasn’t there. This shows me that students have a remarkable bond to the classroom leader who is there regularly sharing the content.

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