civility and freedom of speech

The civilities are viewed differently in different countries. The difference comes from culture, customs, tradition, and history. In most of the cases, the civilities are questioned on the issues of politics and religion. Intolerance can be seen in a political debate or demonstration and religious debate or demonstration. Verbal attack sometimes even leads to the violence. I am not sure if the freedom of speech allows people to threaten their opponents. I don’t know if there is a measure in the degree of abusive speech that is allowed in a debate or protest.

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  1. Wow! This brings out an interesting point. Civil protocols vary in different cultures. Personally I observed how in a diverse group (such as our lab group), members behave differently in the beginning because they have very different notions of the right, polite way of discussing and and asking questions. In some cultures it is considered rude to question a presenter, whereas in some it is taken as a genuine doubt arising from genuine interest.

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